Wednesday, November 3, 2010


FOR DISTRICT JUDGE, DIST. NO. 14 OFF NO. 13                        285 OF  285
          BILL MUSSEMAN                         NOP    90,997   63.24%
          CARL FUNDERBURK                       NOP    52,884   36.76%

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, support and sacrifices you have made in order to support Judge Musseman! Last night was a great success. Judge Musseman looks forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Tulsa and Pawnee Counties.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Proven Record of Success.....

Bill Musseman is now a Special Judge in Tulsa County. But before that, he was a prosecutor in Tulsa County. During his tenure, he prosecuted some of the most dangerous criminals and crimes that occurred in Tulsa County. Want to check out his record for yourself?

1. Judge Musseman handled the Cori Baker murder and after a jury trial on the merits, he obtained a guilty verdict and Marquis Bullock was sentenced to life without parole. Tulsa World link HERE, confirm on OSCN HERE.

2. Judge Musseman handled the prosecution of Raymond Eugene Johnson. The man who killed 27 year old Brooke Whitaker and her seven month old daughter, Kya Whitaker. He got the death penalty for Raymond Johnson after receiving a Guilty verdict. Tulsa World link HERE, confirm on OSCN HERE.

3.  Douglas Dewayne Miller was found guilty and received a verdict of Life Without Parole after being prosecuted by Bill Musseman. Tulsa World link HERE, confirm on OSCN HERE.

4.  Former Paper Carrier Paul Williford was convicted of killing elderly women in their homes. He was sentenced to Life Without Parole for these murders. On one of the counts Williford was acquitted. Tulsa World link HERE, confirm on OSCN HERE.

When it came to creating a team of prosecutors to prosecute the Major Crimes in Tulsa County, District Attorney Tim Harris chose one man for the job - Bill Musseman. Article HERE.  Bill Musseman was the Chief of Major Crimes in Tulsa County since 2005. He dedicated his carreer in protecting the citizens of Tulsa County against major crimes. Both Judge Musseman and his opponent worked under District Attorney Tim Harris - but only one of them is being recommended for the job of District Judge - Bill Musseman. Letter HERE On November 2nd, 2010 - thank Bill Musseman for his dedication to the Tulsa County.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowmarine....and BooHaHa

We have been busy lately! With Hallowmarine at the Oklahoma Aquarium and BooHaHa Parade and Festival, we have been up to our ears campaigning! If you want to take a look, there is a slide show at the bottom of this page, scroll all the way down....or just click HERE to view the video of the Parade!

If you don't have plans tonight or live in a neighborhood that isn't trick or treat friendly, come out and join us at the Oklahoma Aquarium. October 27th-31st the Oklahoma Aquarium will be hosting a fun and safe environment for your children to trick or treat. We have a booth at the Aquarium, we hope to see you. For more information on Hallowmarine - click HERE.  

Friday, October 29, 2010


Musseman has proven over and over again, that he is the man for the job.

It is so difficult, as a lay person, to know which judges you should elect. One way you can do this, is look to those that you trust! Ask friends, relatives, or family you know....or another way - look at their endorsements. Here are Bill Musseman's.....

1. The Tulsa World (to confirm click HERE)
2. Tim Harris - Tulsa County District Attorney (to confirm click HERE).
3. Michael Bates a.k.a. Batesline (to confirm click HERE)
4. Randy Brogdon (check his facebook wall - letter below)
5. John Trebilcock (check his facebook status)
6. Former Governor Frank Keating
7. Former Supreme Court Justice Dan Boudreau
8. Ryan Leonard
9. Retired District Judge Gordon McAllister
10. Former District Attorney S.M. Buddy Fallis

Dear Friends,
I have endorsed Bill Musseman for the 14th Judicial District in Tulsa and Pawnee Counties, and will be voting for him on November 2nd.   I want to introduce Bill to you and ask for your consideration of support.

For more than a decade, Bill Musseman served as a prosecutor in the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office.  As director of the murder and crime prosecution team, he has been involved with virtually every high profile criminal trial during the last decade.  Bill personally prosecuted more than 80 felony jury trials, 30 murder trials and 10 death penalty trials.

In his roll as prosecutor, Bill served with integrity and was known to be fair, honest, of good character and one who knows the law.  In December of 2009, those same attributes led to him being selected to serve as a Special Judge.

Judicial races are often overlooked because voters do not know what the judges stand for.
This is why I am sending you this information.  I have found Bill Musseman to be a man of integrity and worthy of your support.

Please join me and vote for Bill Musseman who I consider the best choice for District Judge in the 14th judicial race in Tulsa and Pawnee Counties.

Pass this onto your friends and neighbors to let them know about Bill Musseman.

If you would like more information on Judge Bill Musseman please go to

Randy Brogdon

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tulsa World Endorses Musseman....

During each judicial election, the Tulsa World interviews the candidates for Judicial Office. Again, this year all the candidates for office were interviewed. This morning, the Tulsa World released it's decision as to the choices for District Judge. They endorsed MUSSEMAN as the candidate who deserves your vote! Find the article HERE.

Judge Musseman spent saturday morning in Sand Springs at the Soap Box Derby. Hopefully later today, we will add some pictures of the Derby! Thanks so much to the Sand Springs community for a great day! The Soap Box Derby is hosted by the Sand Springs Citivan Club and the proceeds benefit sending special needs kiddos to summer camp! What a great program! For more information on races, and get a car in next year, click HERE.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Real Men wear Pink....with a little Green!

Family of Judge Bill Musseman at the 2010 Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure.

Judge Musseman before the race! 

All ages came out to Race for the Cure!

Thanks for reviewing the blog! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to comment in the comment section or join us on Facebook - simply search for Bill Musseman. In addition, you can see how you can help the Musseman team by going to our website

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tim Harris, District Attorney makes District Judge Recommendation.....

Dear Friends,

I don't often make personal recommendations in political elections, but I feel compelled to tell you about a colleague and outstanding former assistant district attorney who is running for District Judge in the general election on November, 2nd, 2010.

For more than a decade, it has been my privilege to work with Bill Musseman as a prosecutor in the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office.

Beginning in 2005, Bill served as Chief of Homicide and Major Crimes Prosecution and has tried more than 80 felony jury trials, 30 murder trials and ten death penalty trials. He had tremendous success as a prosecutor and served with integrity, professionalism and compassion for victims of crime. In December of 2009, he was selected to serve as a Special Judge. It was a loss for my office, but Bill Musseman will continue serve the public with honor and distinction as a Judge.

I know Bill's experience and legal knowledge will make him a fine District Judge who will serve our community well. Too often, voters are hard-pressed to find adequate information to make informed decisions in important judicial races.We need men and women of integrity like Bill Musseman on the bench!

Please join me in supporting Bill Musseman for District Judge.

Tim Harris